A Candle of Peace

I learned how to paint by watching Youtube videos. My favorite Youtube painter, Karrie Evenson, started painting after her youngest daughter, Mavia, was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis. Karrie’s life drastically changed after this diagnosis.

The thought of losing her youngest daughter terrified her. Karrie’s fears were transformed into brightly colored expressive works of art. She had a TV show that allowed her to share her talents with the world.

Every piece strengthened her. She was able to find peace with her daughter’s condition.

Three years ago, I wanted to stop making art. After I discovered Karrie’s videos, I got inspired. Her videos motivated me to continue expressing myself through painting.

I want to bring peace to my life.

Why I create art

Karrie inspired me to paint my feelings. There are things that cannot be expressed with words.

As a 22-year-old woman, I have battled, witnessed, and endured lots of traumatic experiences. I have been angry at the world countless times. Upon discovering Karrie’s art, I started to believe that maybe I can find peace just like her.

Creating art is an escape. I paint whatever is on my mind. I paint whatever I feel. This process involves all of my senses. It’s euphoric. I ignore everyone and everything else around me. This is my world: whatever I decide, happens.

Art is the one area of my life where I feel free. I can paint whatever I want. There are no rules! I can actually listen to my heart, my soul, instead of suppressing what they’re saying. This empowers me.

Bringing peace to my life

After I realized that people really like my art, I felt inspired to use my artistic talents and Spanish speaking skills to connect with the world. Even though I have endured trauma, I believe that I can inspire others.

Art has allowed me to express myself. All my life I have felt that my voice didn’t matter. My works are my voice. No one can take that away from me.

I feel my art helps other people who are also struggling. Karrie taught me that even in the worst of pains there will always be a way to heal. My art has helped me mentally.

Painting heals both the artist as well as the viewer. This will be an ongoing recovery for me. I want to make others happy through my pieces. Each piece makes my day just a little bit better.

I truly hope committing to my art will bring peace to my life.

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