Helping my church with our Christmas play and creating crafts with our children

December is finally here! Everyone is so happy and jolly. I am slowly beginning to feel the Christmas Spirit.

Today I got to go to my church to help out with my very first Christmas play. I didn’t grow up in a church, so I was excited to help. It was quite the busy Saturday as our play is tomorrow!

After I arrived, the first thing I did was help the children decorate our trees. My scatterbrained mind made me forget that today was also decorate the church day. I’m always happy to help whenever I am needed.

Our children were...

super ecstatic about our play! Our main play explains all the symbols of the items we put on Christmas trees. After showing off our symbols, we have a poem with a small reenactment of the birth of Jesus.

Here we have our angel, Joseph, and Mary

I truly enjoyed learning about the symbols of the tree. I didn’t realize how sacred they are. I love how this has been passed down for generations.

Then came the part where I shine the most: crafting

We had several Christmas crafting stations. I was in charge of the most advanced one ~ creating a Christmas tree out of fabric scraps and tree branches.

It is a simple craft for kids, but it does require some supervision. One of the members of my church came up with this idea.

You start by lining up several layers of thinly cut fabric. I’d say cut each layer of fabric to where the strips are wide as ribbons. Make sure your tree branch is long enough to where you have a tree trunk and enough empty room on top for your Christmas star.

Glue the tree branch down to the layers of fabric with a glue gun. You then tie up each ribbon and trim them to where they look like a fluffy festive tree. Tie on some string to create a loop for hanging, add your star, then Voila! A beautiful tree ornament personalized by each kid.

One other craft...

I got to take a picture of was a tealight church project. We had box like cut outs of our church and had our kids color them. We assembled them together and added those small electric tealights into the insides of them.

I couldn’t take pictures of the other crafts because I was so busy at my station. But one was creating a nativity scene. The other was creating a manger with baby Jesus nestled inside.

Our kids had dozens of fun!

It was a very special day for me as well. I needed this therapeutic arts and crafts day. Our children always make me smile. I’m happy that I’m starting to get to know them better.

I’m thankful for being self-employed because I finally have time to do fun stuff at my church!

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