Care Instructions

Care for These Treasures and They Will Care for You

Please do not submerge this in water! This product is made of cardboard and will be damaged if exposed to lots of water. 

Cardboard wall-hangings can be hung up anywhere with a hook or push pin. 

Do not tug hard at the twine or ribbons. This will stress out the card board to where the charm may tear on accident.

Hanging up garlands requires you to have the ending loops wrapped over the hooks/push pins you’re using. They are already knotted in a loop for your convenience. 

If your product gets dirty or dusty, take a mildly damp cloth and softly rub the dirty areas.

Every cardboard product is made with high quality acrylics that are covered in a glossy finish. This assures a form of protection to the actual colors.

*Please do not keep any wall-hangings in direct sunlight.

*All products have a protective glossy finish on top of the high quality paint, so fading shouldn’t occur. Just be cautious. All jewelry should be fine.

These are super duper delicate sculptures. They are meant to be hung on your ceiling. 

Please do not tug at the infrastructure of these products. They are constructed from pipe cleaners and delicate fabrics that was hand sewn together by me.

Each sculpture already has a clear nylon chain making them ready to be hung up high in your home.

If they get dirty, gently wash away dirt with a damp wash cloth and some soap or light detergent. Please do not put these in a washing machine.

I do not sell framed paintings. Each painting is carefully rolled up and delivered to you.

These paintings are meant to be floated in frames. They do not require a matte border. They do need to be mounted on a white foam core base, then framed.

Please do not display these paintings in areas with heavy sunlight.

These paintings are made with high quality acrylics and glazed with a glossy finish. This assures a form of protection to the actual colors.

The product photos are taken before they get their gloss finish so that there isn’t any glare on the camera.

These paintings are painted directly on the canvas without the use of gesso. This provides a beautiful watercolor effect. Do not be alarmed if you see a bunch of colors on the back of the piece. It naturally seeps through in a unique way.

Whether it be greeting cards, watercolor paintings, or anything in between. Caring is simple.

Do not submerge or expose these products to water. Water or any liquids will reactivate the paint and can cause the paint to wash away. 

If you accidentally spill water/liquids on these products: blot it with a paper towel. Do not scrape or rub off. Blotting it is the best way to not accrue large damages to the product. You may still have small exposed blooms of the natural paper, but this is better than scraping away at a painting. 

Materials Used

Just in case there are Peace Doves with allergies