A fantasy painting animal inspired by Pokémon 🥰

Pokémon turned 25 last month which made me create my own creature for this fantasy watercolour painting

Inspired by the design of the Pokemon, Mimikyu, I got to work on creating my own character. 🤩🤩🤩

Mimikyu is a Pokémon that is kinda like a spirit. It keeps its real face covered under a primitive drawn pikachu sack.


This is said to derive from the story of El Bugul Noz, a story of a nice fairy spirit that is hideously ugly that all the forest animals avoid her. 🧚♀This makes her feel very lonely.


So Mimikyu wears a sackcloth to look like pikachu as pikachu is the most popular Pokémon. This was the only way for them to no longer feel alone and have humans and Pokemon actually befriend them.


But if you do see a Mimikyu without the sack cloth on, you will get very sick and die. 😱😱😱


I’m pretty sure Mimikyu became lonely because they kept unintentionally killing
people. 🤔 The pikachu sack cloth helps them a lot.👍🏿


I luv this Pokémon because it is very misunderstood and a Misfit, much like myself. 🥰💝💝💝

Fabtastical story behind this night fantasy painting 📖

I decided to start making short stories to go along with my art. ✒️Well, ones where they aren’t based on an event that happened in my life. 


So here is my story of this illustration. 👩🏿‍🎨🖼️

“A Trip to the Moon Flower Forest”

Sprinkles, an Hadahila (ah.dah.eee.lah) from the Star Forest, felt very hungry. She was exhausted from a full morning of collecting insects for her insect castle empire.😪 Hadahilas normally eat insects, but Sprinkles doesn’t like to do that. She likes spending time with them as they always have so many stories about their fun travels from one part of the forest to the next.🥰 She doesn’t have them held captive. She just allows them to stay in her makeshift insect castle.🏰 Well, she calls it a castle, but it looks more like a hidden moss cave. Sprinkles journeyed to the Moon Flower Forest to get some food. 😋Moon flowers are delicious!🌚🌝They taste just like juicy plums. Throughout the forest, they come in all colors. Sprinkles prefers the reddish orange colored ones. ❤️🧡They bloom in all sorts of directions. They are most noticeable due to their crescent moon shape. 🌛🌜As Sprinkles looked around for the most vibrant moon flowers, a small fish squirted water at her. 🐠💧💧💧He wanted to play! Sprinkles doesn’t speak fish, but she decided to entertain the Lil guy by making her fake unicorn horns dance in the wind.  “Naaayyy! Naaaaaayyyy!” Sprinkles greeted the fish. The fish enjoyed how her ragdoll yarn bounced across her fake sack cloth head. 😆 He was none the wiser that wasn’t her real head and that those aren’t real unicorn horns. 🦄 He had no idea that she only has one eye at the center of her body. 👁️Sprinkles is sure he just thought that was a fur pattern. She grinned silently at the thought. 😉 After a bit of play, the fish swam away with his family and Sprinkles began munching on some juicy moon flowers.🌛🌺 She even took some home for dinner!😋😋😋

I enjoyed writing this story! 😲This is something new I want to continue to do. 🥰💚💚💚💚I’m not trained in writing creatively, but my mama always told me my art has a storybook quality to them. 😇😇😇 So I figured, why not use that talent? I do hope you enjoy it. 🙏🏿

Oh and my sister luved the painting I made for her! 🤩🤩🤩She named the kitty Berry because he looks like a wild Berry poptart!🐱🧁

Video timestamps ~~~

00:00 theme song and intro

03:52 i start painting plus sharing my luv of pokémon

24:33 i talk more about the origin of mimikyu and the inspiration behind my creature

32:00 blessing vs tech

42:15 me reading my story aloud

53:20 the painting all hung up with some decor tips

56:47 outro

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