Spending time with my friends for friendsgiving in 2020 inspired me so much to create a baby goat painting.

My goat watercolor painting came about because my friends and I did an outdoor activity that involved goats.

Before I show off my handmade goat painting wall decor, I wanna talk about all the fun stuffs we did together.

My friend Robert and I arrived at kathleen’s house Saturday (Nov 14Th.) We got to meet her new puppy Goofus as well as spend time with her cat, Meeko. Her and her family adopted Goofus because he showed up in their yard and no one claimed him.


We decorated the dining table with fall and thanksgiving themed stuff. Kathleen managed to find a very tiny corner at target with thanksgiving decor, so she swiped up whatever she could. I didn’t get to take a picture but my favorite was the tablecloth because I got to color on it with crayola markers. 🥰


Also the ceramic pumpkins were pretty cool too.

Meeting Mary Anna and eating dinner

Kathleen became friends with Mary Anna during quarantine. This was my first time meeting her. She is adorable. 


For dinner we had steak. I don’t normally eat red meat, but it was 2020 so steak was definitely needed. Kathleen marinated it throughout the day and daddy Earl grilled it and our corn on the cob. 


We also had salad with hand-picked pecans and feta cheese. Kathleen also made roasted mushrooms and cucumbers. 


Did I mention we also put tajín and mayonnaise on the corn? It was a Mexican recipe that is absolutely delicious! 😋😋😋


For dessert, we had pumpkin cheesecake. Yummy! 🎃🧀🍰

We watched a movie called "Big Fish"

This movie was filmed in Wetumpka, Alabama and neighboring areas. It is one of kathleen’s favorite movies because of that. She was able to name off so many people she knew in real life who made it into the movie. 


It is a very heart-felt movie that made me cry at the end.

Sunday morning funday

I am an early bird. I get to hear the birds, listen to nature sing, etc. 


Daddy Earl is also an early bird, so we get to bond each morning. He is very easy to talk to. We watched a show about how things are made. 


When everybody else woke up, Kathleen decided to make us breakfast. I had scrambled eggs and toast with jam. 


Daddy Earl then let Goofus greet us by running around the house.

We went to Jackson Island to see Spectre

Spectre is a fictional town from the Big Fish movie. After the movie finished, they decided to keep the set intact and take care of the private island.

It was my first time ever visiting a movie set! It was so surreal. I was happy to be able to listen to the calming sounds of nature and watch leaves blow in the wind.

Running of the goats

While at Spectre, it started to sprinkle. So my friends and I huddled under the movie church building. 


Lots of people decided to cut their Spectre walk short, but we stayed because we really needed to just relax. 


The goats didn’t like the rain however…🐐


We saw them wayy out in the distance. Didn’t think nothing of it. But then they stampeded toward us in a matter of minutes!

They had no intention of attacking us; they get shelter and hay from under the fake church. We didn’t know this but this explained why we smelled goat poop. 🤣 


The sprinkles let up and the goats told us it was safe to leave the church. We even had a goat tour guide named Trevor.  Another goat was screaming for a guy named Matt.

I do hope he found Matt.

We went by the river where boats are normally docked at

We didn’t see any boats, but we did see a giant blue Heron take flight. It was beautiful. 


I even saw a white bird very far in the distance. My camera makes it look like a small flake though.

Kathleen found a beautiful rock. I found a rock and feather but the feather didn’t survive the trip home.

We ate lunch at a socially distanced restaurant called Coosa Cleaver

I had acid reflux from the steak I ate, so I needed something either white meat or vegetarian/pescatarian. I ended up choosing the chicken Alfredo pasta because I hadn’t had it in a while. I don’t normally eat out, so this was a real treat. 


I then went to the restroom and fell in luv with it. 😅 I know this sounds weird, but the old timey architecture of the whole building combined with the restoom being one room and not stalls just made me feel at home.

It even had a window that I looked out of and got to see the Big Fish house. It was also really quiet despite the restaurant being so busy. I dunno why but I really liked it. 


The food was super good! I’m a sucker for pasta. I even played Pokémon Go during Electabuzz community day. I couldn’t play long because I didn’t have a strong signal.

Robert and I then went back to Georgia completely happy we had an amazing friendsgiving.

I wanted to capture that experience with this whimsical goat painting

Each goat we met had their own distinct personalities. We couldn’t pet them because they’re wild goats. This baby was so cute that I just had to do a painting of it. 


I decided to use the pantone colors of the year: ultimate grey and illuminating. I used illuminating on the goat because the goat was a very vibrant highlight of a troublesome year.

He is peeking out from under the ultimate grey architecture which gives me hope that things will get better for me. I also add a bit of red and blue to create what I call the “Superman Triad”. 


While color isn’t the most important thing when it comes to art, I do make sure to pick it carefully. Then I just follow my intuition. Hope y’all enjoy it. 

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