This is no longer a Copic marker; it's time for a new branding.

Now that I have a spectacular water brush, it is time to make it match my personality.

Materials needed
Have you selected your fancy colors?

I started by removing the two caps from the barrel. This helps me grab the barrel efficiently. Starting with one end, dab a small amount of E6000 glue, then place the end of your yarn on top of it.

Wrap the yarn from one end of the barrel to the other. When finished, dab more glue on top of the barrel’s yarn. Wrap around this glued side. Cut your yarn from the bundle.

Place another small dab of glue on top of the recently cut piece to solidify it to the barrel.

What about the caps?

Well, you basically follow the same steps as on the barrel. Start from the the bottom of the cap and work your way up to the color name on top of the cap. Stop at the color name and follow the cutting and gluing method I used above.

This is where things get a little bit messy...

Add a dab of glue on top of the cap where the color name is as well as the top part of the cap you have already covered. Wrap as much yarn as you can tightly around the color name and top of the cap.

Cut the yarn from the bundle when you feel you have enough.

This will squeeze out some glue which is what we want. If there isn’t enough glue, feel free to add another dab. Take your bead and place it on top. Squeeze it onto the yarn. This will keep the yarn from flailing out.

Follow these same steps with the second cap.

Lay the marker down flat to let it dry for a day.

And there you have it!

One brand new marker made to match you as a person.

Here is my video showing the process.

Disclaimer: None of these are affiliate links. The links are just where I recommend buying the materials.

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