The Light of the world is coming!

Let me be the first to say that our Christmas play was beautiful.

The children had so much fun performing for everyone. I couldn’t take any photos because I had a singing duet role.

We sang, “Angels we have heard on high”, “Away in a Manger”, and “Go tell it on the mountain”. Everybody enjoyed our singing. I’m always incredibly nervous singing in front of people; I was thankful I rehearsed this the day before. My anxiety wasn’t crippling me because of that.

In the play...

the children shared the meaning of each ornament we put on our trees. They also performed the birth of Jesus. I enjoyed learning about every sacred symbol of Christmas.

In our children's class,

we talked about the light that guided the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus. Jesus is the light of the world. That light can never be snuffed out.

As someone who did not grow up knowing Jesus...

Christmas is a special time of year for me. Hearing the story of the birth of God who saved the world is empowering!

I’m super thankful to be able to celebrate Christmas this year. I know this blog post is super late, but I do feel that this memory needs to be forever shared with all of you Peace Doves!

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