Never too early to start making Christmas gifts

I haven't been feeling well mentally for the last few weeks. There are things that has happened to my mama. So please keep us in your prayers.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays my mama taught me the very basics of a technique called lacing. I'm pretty sure it is one of those ancient arts as it consists of using yarn and wooden bobbins. She had been mastering this medium for over a year now and was ready to teach it to me.

From what I understand, it is similar to weaving in that it follows a pattern using thread/yarn. It is different because it uses bobbins instead of a needle that goes over and under a base.

I'm happy to say...

that I have gotten the hang of this rather easily. Granted, I’ve only been using a basic pattern, but this is a huge boost of confidence for me.

I have been making...

bookmarks. I finished my first one last weekend. Yesterday while I was volunteering with a program called CareingPAWS, I was working on my second bookmark. Everyone loved watching me work.

Even though I've been creating basic bookmarks...

I have plans to create bracelets! With my basic pattern, I have envisioned using my fancy lace thread to create stylish bracelets. I keep my mind open for many possibilities.

But then I remembered...

that Christmas is right around the corner! I have been in an art slump since the end of October. I realized that lacing as well as weaving could help me make gifts for my friends. This brought a huge smile to my face!

My first gift idea...

is making a large bangle-like bracelet using my lacing technique. I’ll have to make one for myself first to test out everything. Then I will feel more confident to make more.

So all my friends...

are basically gonna be receiving either a bracelet or a bookmark handmade by me. When I go back to my mama’s house this Christmas, she will start teaching me more advanced techniques. While I know that spoiling this gift may be annoying, remember that I am in charge of the colors and styles of these items. So all my friends will have a unique surprise just for them!

Are you making any gifts this Christmas?

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