Doodle art simple

In an effort to try and better understand gouache mixed media, I decided to start sketching more.

Painting is my favorite way of being creative. I felt like creating a quick portrait drawing then painting it with gouache.

I finally felt well enough to create again! Last year was so rough on me and so many things happened in January that I couldn’t really function at all. I had a large burst of inspiration and just had to get it out!

If you are signed up to my amazing VIP Palomas de Paz club, you will know that one of my big ideas this year is to share small video clips of me creating. I’ve decided to also share these clips on my blog as well as other creative writings.

I’ve had this idea in my head of a girl underwater in a fish bowl. I’ve created several sketches of this concept a few years ago, but none of them ever looked right. I still feel I need to flesh this idea out more though.

I draw in a very loose style. I didn't always draw this way because I used to believe that human figure sketches and art only be done one way.

My art used to be very stiff and uneventful. There was no life to my pieces.

All that changed when I discovered my favorite contemporary artist, Karrie Evenson. She taught me to create what I feel and that creating is an extension of myself. She helped me to stop focusing on the “right way” to create.

I learned to let go of control when I create. This is the one area of my life where there is no judgement or “perfect” way to do things.

So I created a simple sketch I would like to eventually flesh out.

Doodle art simple

Then I painted it!

I am still new to the world of watercolor & gouache, but I do really enjoy working with it. I'm fascinated with how portable it is. I love taking paints with me on the go.

I use Faber-Castell watercolor pencils (not an affiliate) in my greeting card collection because I have a wide array of colors. with watercolors I have really embraced the wet into wet method.

I can’t help it, I love spontaneity in my art, hence the loose and free style.

Gouache is different for me because it is opaque but dries lighter compared to acrylics. My brain gets confused every time I use them.

I do feel this sketch is a small step in the right direction in more ways than one. It is helping me free myself from art block. It is also further fleshing out this motif I have.

I hope you try to create something today!

Supplies I used (not affiliate links):

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