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Fellow peace doves, I hope your Thanksgiving went well. Were you able to get inspired during your restful days?

God truly blessed me during my time away. He spoke to me. He gave me tiny treasures that I was able to thank Him for.

I didn’t realize how much I needed Him until He started giving me treasures. I was struggling before the week of Thanksgiving, so I worried I would suffer during the holiday. God surprised me.

Allow me to share some of the Light God shined upon me.

Jesus Calling

A week before Thanksgiving, I stumbled upon a copy of Jesus Calling at my library. The Friends of the Library was having a ten cent sale on all items. I couldn’t resist buying Jesus Calling as well as several other items

The book includes devotionals for every day of the year. I was excited to have a full copy and began to read a devotional for each day.

Jesus Calling is written in a way that Jesus directly talks to you. Last Wednesday, Jesus called me to thank Him for everything. He told me to focus on His love by thinking about how He died on the cross so that I can live with Him forever. He said if I had trouble thinking of Him, to close my eyes and focus on the cross. I shut my eyes out of desperation for something to go right that week.

My body began to feel warm on the inside. He was warming my heart. “You will be okay, Blessing. I will never let you go. Keep holding onto Me. I know you are scared, but I am in control.” I shivered and shut my eyes tighter. Images of Him on the cross came to me. I saw His eyes staring directly at me. “I love you, Blessing. I hear your cries. I hear your frustration. Just trust Me. I am helping you. All I want is your trust. Just be patient and lean on Me. I know you are scared of the decisions you have made, but you will be okay. I love you.

I opened my eyes. I felt better. My anxiety disappeared. The pain in my heart was gone. God spoke to me. He kept telling me that He loves me and to trust Him. I smiled. I was thankful He came to me directly and that He was listening to the tough decisions I had to make.

From Old to New

My mom had been working really hard on creating all kinds of art. She showed me clothes she’s made, tapestries, bobbins, zentangle art, and crochet/knitting projects. I was amazed at all the art she’s created. What really grabbed my attention were the tapestries.

She told me both her and my sister remember me making my first two tapestries when I was ten-years-old. My art teacher at the time was an Asian woman. For a whole year we made art based on her culture. A lightbulb lit up in my head!

I wanted to make tapestries! I remembered how fun that project was. My mom showed me the supplies she used to make her own looms and gave me tips on where to buy stuff.

Inspiration struck me like lightning. My heart kept telling me to make tapestries. My mom explained how weaving has helped her meditate and how it is therapeutic. After Thanksgiving, I braved a trip to Walmart to buy yarn and the other supplies I needed. We don’t have an arts & crafts store in LaGrange, so I had to improvise with Walmart.

I spent three and a half days weaving my first “big girl” tapestry. In truth, I never finished the two I made as a kid. My attention span is not very good, so I worked on those a bit before picking up something else. I wasn’t like that this time around.

Something kept tugging my heart to finish this tapestry. If I could finish this, making more would be a breeze. I finished it Sunday night and marveled at my work. It wasn’t hard recalling the techniques I learned as a kid.

I’m thankful God lit up an old talent within me. I was feeling sluggish with my art due to real life struggles. My mom’s tapestries sparked the burst of energy I needed to continue my business.

The Light

God comforted me during my hard times. The Light He has shown me is the brightest thing I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t know why He is telling me to make art. I just know that He has provided ways for me to relieve stress. I also am reassured that He approves of some life-changing decisions that I had to make last week.

​How has God provided Light in your life?

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