Palomas de Paz

An Exclusive Blessingvh Art Group

We are full of sunshine and rainbows

Palomas de Paz is an exclusive Blessingvh Art club dedicated to peacefully lifting others up. We want everyone to know that they are loved! The Dove is our mascot as it symbolizes peace and new beginnings.

Why Should I Join?

Becoming a Peace Dove is 100% FREE. You will get special goodies, such as:​​​

  • 20% off discount code for your purchase of anything from my store
  • Sneak peeks of new products long before they're released
  • Secret goodies that I never share with the public
  • Becoming a valued contributor towards future products
  • Got handmade business questions? Joining this club allows you to ask me directly what questions you have. Your questions will be answered in future blog articles
  • An invite to a facebook group so special that I keep it secret so that the magic is never contaminated

How do you join?

Joining is simple. Just fill out this magical form to unlock the true happiness of Blessingvh Art.