Extravagant parade floats grace the streets of Franklin

I felt so blessed this past December because I got to be on a parade float for the first time!

I was on a float and threw out candy to children. I felt like a princess as I royally waved to people.

I have never seen...

soo many different floats in a parade! Lots of them focused on the homey feeling Christmas gives us. Others focused on the nativity scene. Even horses showed off their Christmas spirit with their beautiful outfits.

The float I was on was of Santa’s sleigh with reindeer. It was North Pole themed. I got to sit on a bale of hay with a beautiful doggie!

This parade was special to me...

because I had been desperately seeking Christmas Spirit. With things happening to my mama, I needed something to cheer me up.

Everyone was worried...

that we would get icy rain. I didn’t want that to happen because I truly wanted to shine like a diamond on a float. God blessed us by letting the rain subside for hours before the parade started.

It was freezing cold...

and my toes felt like popsicles, but it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a while. I enjoy making people smile. Throwing candy to children and saying “Merry Christmas” in both English and Spanish lifted me up in ways I cannot describe.

Since I became a believer, I have embraced the spirit of giving. One of the biggest things I give is time. I use my spare time to show up to events and help out. Getting my feet wet brings peace to my heart.

It is hard to explain...

the tugs at my heart the Lord gave me during this parade. My mind had been overwhelmed with so many things, but God kept my heart focused on my happiness. It is funny how one part of your body goes in one direction while the other goes the opposite way.

This parade created a memory I will forever cherish. It warmed my heart during a time where it felt so cold. God opened my eyes by showing me how much He wants me to spread joy!

Feel free to look at all the photos I took below. Click on them to make them bigger!

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