I wanna make Thanksgiving art decorations to share how I celebrated it last year

I didn't get to make thanksgiving art crafts on the actual holiday, so I wanna relive the memory now!

why not add a 'Lil thanksgiving aesthetic to an often overlooked holiday?

Because 2020 was 2020 I truly wanted to celebrate each holiday to the fullest. I felt that doing that would make my year a lot better. 


I wasn’t able to celebrate with my biological family because they had just moved and were naturally exhausted. 😅 So I spent it with some of my non blood family members instead!

Making very different potater salad

My bio-family on my mama’s side has a potater salad that has been passed down for I don’t know how long. 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥗So when I was asked to make a dish, I chose it. 


But the non blood family I was spending the holiday with prefers potater salad wayy differently. “No mustard. It must be warm, not cold. ” I forgot to add boiled egg to it but I’m not sure if they wanted egg in it or not. 🤔


So to prevent my great-grandmama from reaching out from the grave and murdering me, I made two potater salads. One their way, and a smaller one my way. I also loaded theirs with extra seasoning because I was worried it would be bland without it.

Visiting my sister Hope and meeting her husband

This was my first time meeting Hope’s husband, Jerry, and seeing their house. It was very homey. 🏠🌞


Her husband is nice too! 


This was a small family get together. I really needed a break from reality, and this family time totally nailed it! 

Having a thanksgiving dinner around lunch time

Normally in my bio-family we have dinner in the evening. My mama, sister, and myself start cooking the day before and continue the day of. 


My non-blood family does it differently. They do it potluck style where everybody makes something, then come together to eat around lunchtime.🍽️🦃


The food was delicious! They even like my potater salad that catered to their wants.

My painting captures a thanksgiving aesthetic

I painted corn on the cob surrounded by turkey feathers. 🦃🌽🌽🌽This painting was made with Schminke gouache* on my own watercolor ground. 


I used reds, oranges, and yellows to give off the warm feeling that I had while celebrating Thanksgiving.❤🧡💛


I’ve never painted corn on the cob before. But I chose to do it because I remember the frugal crafter doing a corn on the cob painting a few years ago. It is one of my favorites from her. 


I surrounded the corn with feathers instead of leaves because I wanted it to look different and out of the ordinary. The warmness of the feathers also captures that warm thanksgiving emotion. I enjoy how they cradle the corn.

My next blog will be about what happened after we ate our food as well as what we did that evening! I did something super fun that I can’t wait to share. 🤫☺️


*Not an affiliate link

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