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Azure Blue Coral Mussels beach shell Necklace cardboard art sculpture creative


Every once in a while you come across a cute beach necklace that you absolutely fall in love with.

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You owe yourself a beach shell necklace

Are you still searching for a coral necklace that evokes a world of whimsy?

A medley of coral and mussels from the deep ocean

Beauty of a vanished world is captured with this natural harmony of coral and mussels in this cute beach necklace.

Composed of repurposed cardboard

In the rich eco-friendly tradition of vivid blue & white hand painted repurposed cardboard, this coral mussels necklace cherishes the whistling of the ocean assuring this is the perfect Christmas gift for her.

Crystalline blue silky fabric

Glistening royal blue crystalline silky fabric makes these trendy necklaces delight you with their timeless style.

3 mussels united together

3 effervescent mussels united together stirs your emotions with a nostalgic glimpse of sheer bliss as a beach shell necklace.

Glimmering gold glitter accents

Iridescent glittering gold accents pampers your neck on an intricately detailed coral necklace. Have you checked out my other magical jewelry?

Measures 5 1/8in (13.02cm) wide by 5 1/8in (13.02cm) tall

At 5 1/8in (13.02cm) wide by 5 1/8in (13.02cm) this necklace is a cherished reminder to always make your statement with pizzazz. This necklace makes an eye-popping statement as a perfect Christmas gift for her.

You’ll just have to experience this trendy necklace for yourself.

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