Cross of crucifixion on a tree merry christmas card diy


Commend the impressive moment in Christian history with a handmade card for a best friend

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Bare the

Take the guesswork out of what to buy for the holidays with this easy Christmas watercolor painting

  • Inspired by the trees from the Biblical History Center that depict Jesus' crucifixion
  • Collaged paper from an old book utilizes the principals of reusing what I have been given
  • Fully decked out dazzling envelop to match the card because no card is complete without a matching envelop
  • Exclusively featured on Blessingvh Art. You can’t find this anywhere else

Unlock the secrets of the gargantuan cross at the Biblical History Center that represents what Jesus had to bare that led to the eventual commemoration of Yuletide with this cross tree watercolor card. Utilizing collaged paper from an old book taps into undreamed of potential recycling paper for a gratitude card is in a class by itself. Matching collage envelop unleashes your creativity with an ingenious design made for an ecstatic birthday painting for someone memorable.

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