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Largemouth bass west point lake cards handmade birthday friend


Just when you thought you couldn’t find an extraordinary happy birthday card for a friend.

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Unique of the lake

Are you still curious about a birthday card shop that has vibrant, ecstatic gifts for everyone?

Enter a timeless realm of spellbinding lake adventures with your best friend and this handmade fish card of the magnificent West Point Lake. This largemouth bass illuminates countless hours of entertainment for your boyfriend with a festive sunshine color that is ready for greeting everyone. Paint splatters all over the card unleashes your creativity of aquatic life in the lagoon during a special birthday party or while shopping for that perfect birthday card. West Point Lake reminds me of an epic bonfire a few weeks before I graduated from college. The program I was apart of wanted to celebrate all the good we did for the community before we parted ways. Our professor and the rest of us went to the lake where we had a potluck, roasted marshmallows, made smores, and swam in the lake. Two girls in my group went on a canoe ride and discovered an old playground. I just had to design a card based on this lake because I could go on and on about my memories there.

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