Sunset Sea Turtle Charms deep sea creatures art the ocean


Swim with these baby sea turtles


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with these baby sea turtles

A turtle craft idea perfect for the whole home

Sea turtles walk through miles of sand to get to the ocean. Why not give them hand by helping them find their family? You owe it to yourself to make your ceiling rain turtles. This turtle craft assures that you are never alone. You can watch the dazzling sunset on each turtle’s back. Or try attaching these to the Sunset Sea Turtle Garland. This wall art is made from recycled materials, specifically cardboard. Blessingvh Art strives to create art out of things people don’t want. Recycled cardboard provides a sturdy base to ensure that every turtle doesn’t fall apart. These eco friendly baby turtles are ready to live in your home.

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Ribbon Colors

3 Blue Ribbon Turtles, 3 White Ribbon Turtles


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