Where Do You Like to Create?

As a free spirit I often break my daily routine. I prefer each day being an adventure; monotony is one of my enemies.

Exploring is one of the ways I break my routine. I enjoy discovering places and hideouts. Places that aren’t crowded with people are my favorite.

Now that I can drive, finding such places has become a lot easier.

When I was in college, I took a tour of the city of LaGrange. One of the places we stopped at was the huge Callaway Clocktower on the mill side of town.

This massive clocktower sits on top of a rounded hill. It no longer rings every hour, but it does tell time. It is surrounded by a small walkway, perfect for exercising. It is also a great hill to slide down during snow season!

A Sense of Adventure

Last week was rough. I reached a point where I almost didn’t make it to work. I felt my world was crumbling within my fingers. I needed time to clear my head.

God told me to go to the Callaway Clocktower.

The vision appeared to me last Wednesday evening: myself painting by the tower. I was at peace. So, Thursday morning, I packed my car up with painting supplies and the pendants I wanted to paint.

I arrived, ready to paint. It was freezing, but I was determined to paint outside for a little while.

Freeing My Mind

While painting, my mind drifted. The air was fresh. People were scarce. I saw a cat walking across the pathway. I felt on top of the world. I was able to create without being disturbed.

Nature was calming. Nature was allowing me to paint in her presence. The beauty of the world around me struck all of my senses. The problems I was battling that week began to feel minuscule.

I was happy painting on a hill. I thought about the awesome opportunity God sent me: painting in a quiet place with a fantastic view.

An Escape

Sometimes, life is extremely difficult. During those times, I search for an escape. Anything that can free my mind of my current circumstances. I normally pray to God constantly. He answers, and I listen.

Spending my morning at the clock tower helped me realize that it is okay to take a break from life for a while. Due to a personal illness I suffer from, I need a lot of breaks. God is taking care of me by providing days with spare hours to explore and do what makes me happy.

I am never sure of God’s intentions for the stuff He plans each day. I am only certain that He hears my needs and understands that I cannot handle certain things others may find a breeze.

I am thankful He allowed me to paint at the clock tower. That instantly became the highlight of my week. There were multiples of things I was pondering that week. He helped me to see that He is protecting me and He is allowing me to pursue my passions. That is an amazing gift!

So I ask you, dear Paloma de Paz, where do you like to create? Where has God allowed you to free your mind?

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